Got coqui?

Think you have a coqui? shutterstock_76870525-coqui top view

There is another small frog in Hawaii, the greenhouse frog  that is often confused with the coqui. Take a minute to look at this table before you call & report.

Coqui Frog

Greenhouse frog

1.  Call is a 2-note “Co-qui.” 1.  Call is soft chirping that resembles birds or crickets.
2.  HEARD at night 2.  SEEN during the day
3.  Toe pads are rounded 3.  Toe pads  are claw-like
4.  About the size of a quarter with tan skin 4.  About the size of a dime with mottled skin
Coqui frog (left) next to a greenhouse frog.

Coqui frog (left) next to a greenhouse frog.

Still not sure? Check out this poster from the University of Hawaii-College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources-Cooperative Extension Service for a more detailed comparison of coqui and greenhouse frogs

Remember: Coqui call in the evening and into the night. Occasionally coqui will call during cool rainy days.  They have a very loud two-note call that sounds like “Co-Qui, Co-Qui”


On Maui or Lanai call the Maui Invasive Species Committee (MISC) at 573-6472.

On Molokai call the Molokai/Maui Invasive Species Committee at 553-5236.

You can also report via the form below. The coqui crew works Monday through Thursday and someone will follow up with you within several days: